By Rehman Asif

The sanctity of words is dependent on truth. From eternity to eternity this fact cannot be changed. If the words that come out of the tongue are devoid of truth, then their sanctity does not remain. No kind of impression and vibration can be created in a society with worthless and disrespectful words. But no political leader has bothered to think about this fact for the past seventy-five years. Truthful words transcend the nuances of language and expression. Once, while listening to Quaid-e-Azam’s speech, someone asked a person in the crowd, “Quaid-e-Azam is speaking in English, do you understand?”. So this person replied, I don’t understand at all. But I am sure that whatever they are saying is true word by word. What could be a greater miracle than this? The truth captured the hearts and minds of the audience despite the incomprehensible language. But unfortunately today our political leaders have violated the sanctity of words. Morning and evening they use words. But they can’t make an impression on anyone. The contradictions and lies of political leaders have destroyed the sanctity of words. For the last 75 years, this unfortunate nation has been fooled by the leaders of Ibn al-Waqt with lies and contradictory statements. The discrepancy between speech and action has increased so much that the credibility of words has ended. Leave aside the talk of political leaders, here scholars and intellectuals are also busy violating the sanctity of words day and night We do not know when we will be blessed with a personality like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who will cultivate the truth with his every action to uphold the sanctity of words.

Today’s leaders are so prone to lies and contradictions that they go to sleep denying the words and claims made many times a day before night falls. In front of the whole world, they make agreements on democracy, but in practice, they flaunt democracy. They chew their words and show dreams of changing the destiny of the nation. But they start building new dreams by crushing these dreams. To end the violation of the sanctity of words, it is very important to make the truth public. I wish someone would give value and respect to the words spoken by his tongue with his actions and character. It is impossible to build and develop the country without removing the element of contradiction in words and deeds. So please stop depriving words of truth. If you want to keep your word, you have to act with sincerity and make truth a part of your priorities.Words are indeed sacred and powerful and the sanctity of words shouldn’t be violated.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں